Armada 2526 Patch

This patch updates Armada 2526 to version The new comprehensive v1.3.0.2 update comes packed with new features and graphics, balance changes, tweaks, bug fixes, and more!

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Patch: Armada 2526 Patch
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Armada 2526 Patch
Luffyicon Mike Splechta
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June 14, 2010

Description of Armada 2526 Patch

Improved graphics for menus, the star map, and battle backgrounds, in addition to a new human model and more! A new custom battles feature so players can set up their own battles and play them whenever they want. A Finder Panel that displays crucial information about ones empire in a quick and easily-understood way. Two new scenarios: In the first the player must destroy a vastly larger but technologically inferior empire while the second scenario is set on the galactic rim, where finding the wormholes to escape ones local star cluster is important. A new hi-visibility mode for battles to allow players to zoom out very far in battles and still easily observe the battle and issue orders.
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