Aion Online Client v2.5

Aion is an MMO that tries to offer something for everyone and succeeds at it, albeit in varying degrees and at different stages.

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Aion Online Client v2.5

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Aion Online Client v2.5
Untitled-2 Mike Meredith
March 02, 2012

Description of Aion Online Client v2.5

Empyrean Calling provides fantasy role players with requested features and content along with a way to experience it for free as part of a brand new Aion free trial program. So whether players choose to take on the imposing Balaur to disrupt their supply lines, battle through more than fifty challenges in rapid succession within the Empyrean Crucible, or jump in for the first time to experience what all the hype is about, Aion: Empyrean Calling features something for everyone!

Winzip 8.0 or higher is required to run this file, download it here.

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