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Episode #3: PS3 Trophies
The Walking Dead

  • PS3
  • trophy
Bad Blood (Bronze) Complete chapter 2 of episode 3.
Can't Save 'em All (Silver) Complete chapter 6 of episode 3.
Goodbye, She Quietly Says (Bronze) Complete chapter 1 of episode 3.
Hit The Road (Bronze) Complete chapter 3 of episode 3.
Lend Me Your Ears (Gold) Complete Episode 3: "Long Road Ahead"
Rumbling Down the Track (Bronze) Complete chapter 5 of episode 3.
Tools for the Job (Bronze) Complete chapter 7 of episode 3.
Woodbury Bound (Bronze) Complete chapter 4 of episode 3.

Episode #2: PS3 Trophies
The Walking Dead

  • PS3
  • trophy
Conversation Killer (Bronze) Complete chapter 2 of episode 2.
Going Hungry (Bronze) Complete chapter 1 of episode 2.
It's Not Stealing If You Need It (Gold) Complete Episode 2: "Starved For Help"
My Dinner with Mark (Bronze) Complete chapter 4 of episode 2.
Taking Charlotte (Bronze) Complete chapter 6 of episode 2.
Thank You for Shopping at Save Lots! (Bronze) Complete chapter 3 of episode 2.
Too Much Salt Will Kill You (Silver) Complete chapter 5 of episode 2.
You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer (Bronze) Complete chapter 7 of episode 2.

Episode #1: PS3 Trophies
The Walking Dead

  • PS3
  • trophy
Adventures in Babysitting (Bronze) Complete chapter 2 of episode 1.
Everything's Going to be Okay (Gold) Complete Episode 1: "A New Day"
Hey, Bud (Bronze) Complete chapter 6 of episode 1.
In Your Charge (Bronze) Complete chapter 3 of episode 1.
It's Just One Bullet (Bronze) Complete chapter 5 of episode 1.
Out of the Frying Pan (Bronze) Complete chapter 1 of episode 1.
Rock and a Hard Place (Bronze) Complete chapter 4 of episode 1.
Two Enter, One Leaves (Silver) Complete chapter 7 of episode 1.

Trophies: Slingshot DLC
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • PS3
  • trophy
All Aboard (Silver) Complete Confounding Light with more than 3 turns left on the timer.
Bait the Hook (Bronze) Complete Confounding Light.
New Friend (Bronze) Complete Friends in Low Places.
Rising Dragon (Gold) Take your new ally into the final challenge.
The Bigger They Are (Silver) Complete Gangplank.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • PS3
  • trophy
...and Practice (Bronze) Build a Workshop.
A Continental Fellow (Silver) Win the game from each of the 5 starting locations.
Ain't No Cavalry Comin' (Silver) Have a soldier survive every mission in a full game.
All Employees Must Wash Hands... (Bronze) In a single game, complete every Autopsy.
All Together Now (Bronze) Get satellite coverage over every country on one continent.
And Hell's Coming With Me (Bronze) Successfully assault an Overseer UFO.
And So It Begins... (Bronze) Complete the tutorial mission.
Angel of Death (Bronze) Kill an alien while flying. Single player only.
As A Scalpel (Bronze) Earn the "Excellent" rating in every performance category on a terror mission.
Bada Boom (Bronze) Kill 50 aliens with explosive weapons.
Beyond the Veil (Bronze) Find a soldier with the Gift.
Combat Ready (Bronze) Build an item.
Drums in the Deep (Bronze) Gain access to the lowest level in your base.
Earth First (Silver) Beat the game on Classic difficulty.
Edison (Bronze) In a single game, complete every Research Project.
Eye in the Sky (Bronze) Launch a Satellite.
Flight of the Valkyries (Bronze) Win a mission with an all-female squad. Single player only.
Happy to Oblige (Bronze) Fulfill a Council request.
Humanity's Savior (Bronze) Beat the game on any difficulty.
Hunter/Killer (Bronze) In a single game, shoot down one of each alien craft.
Lone Wolf (Silver) Clear a UFO crash site with one soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
Man No More (Bronze) Build a suit of powered armor.
Meet New People. Then Kill Them. (Bronze) Win a multiplayer match.
No Looking Back (Gold) Beat the game in Ironman mode on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
Off My Planet (Silver) Recover the Hyperwave Beacon.
On the Shoulders of Giants (Bronze) Build the Gollop Chamber.
One Gun at a Time (Bronze) Staff the Engineering Department with 80 engineers.
Oppenheimer (Bronze) Staff the Research Labs with 80 scientists.
Our Finest Hour (Gold) Beat the game on Impossible difficulty.
Pale Horse (Silver) Kill 500 aliens.
Poison Control (Bronze) Cure poison on five soldiers in a single mission. Single player only.
Prisoner of War (Bronze) Capture a live alien.
Ride the Lightning (Bronze) Build a Firestorm.
See All, Know All (Bronze) Build the Hyperwave Relay.
Shooting Stars (Silver) Shoot down 40 UFOs.
Skunkworks (Bronze) In a single game, complete every Foundry project.
Tables Turned (Bronze) Shoot down a UFO.
The Gatekeeper (Bronze) Stun an Outsider.
The Hardest Road (Silver) Advance one of your soldiers to Colonel rank.
The Volunteer (Bronze) Make contact with the Ethereal hive mind.
Theory... (Bronze) Build a Laboratory.
Up and Running (Bronze) Build a base facility.
We Happy Few (Bronze) Complete a mission without losing a soldier.
Welcoming Committee (Bronze) Kill 150 aliens.
Wet Work (Silver) Complete a Very Difficult abduction mission in five turns or less on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
What Wonders Await (Bronze) Complete a Research Project.
Worth Every Penny (Bronze) Acquire 1000 credits in one month.
X Marks the Spot (Bronze) Uncover the alien base's location.
Xavier (Silver) Mind Control an Ethereal. Single player only.
You Have 5 Seconds to Comply (Bronze) Build a S.H.I.V
You Win (Platinum) Gain all trophies.

Far Cry 3

  • PS3
  • trophy
Aftermarket Junkie (Bronze) Buy all attachments and paint jobs for one weapon.
Archeology 101 (Silver) Gather a total of 60 relics.
Artsy Craftsy (Bronze) Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment.
Bagged and Tagged (Bronze) Complete a Path of the Hunter quest.
Dead Letters (Silver) Gather all "Letters of the Lost".
Deep Cover (Bronze) Complete Riley's interrogation.
Fearless or Stupid (Bronze) Dive more than 60m (Single Player only).
First Blood (Bronze) Escape the pirates and survive in the wilderness.
Free Fall (Bronze) Freefall more than 100m and live (Single Player only).
Full Bars (Silver) Activate 9 radio towers.
Fully Inked (Gold) Earn every tattoo by learning all the skills.
Getting Even (Bronze) Complete "Payback" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Hands Off My Stoner (Bronze) Rescue Oliver from the pirates.
Have I Told You? (Silver) Survive the encounter with Vaas and escape.
Heartless Pyro (Bronze) Kill 50 enemies with the flamethrower (Single Player only).
Here We Come (Bronze) Complete "Ready or Not" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Hide and Seek (Bronze) Complete "Lights Out" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Higher Than a Kite (Bronze) Use your wingsuit to reach the Southern island.
Hunter Hunted (Bronze) Lure and kill a predator.
Improper Use (Bronze) Kill an enemy with the Repair Tool (Single Player only).
In Cold Blood (Bronze) Complete a WANTED Dead quest.
Inked Up (Bronze) Earn 5 skill tattoos.
Island Liberator (Silver) Liberate all outposts.
Island Paparazzi (Bronze) Tag 25 enemies using the camera (Single Player only).
Jungle Journal (Silver) Unlock 50 entries in the Survivor Guide.
Late Night Pick-up (Bronze) Complete "Rush Hour" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Let the Trials Begin (Bronze) Beat any Trial of the Rakyat score.
Love the Boom (Bronze) Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with one explosion (Single Player only).
Magic Mushroom (Bronze) Return to the doctor with the cave mushrooms.
Mastered the Jungle (Platinum) Obtain all the Trophies.
Memory to Spare (Silver) Gather all the memory cards.
Money to Burn (Bronze) Spend $5000 at the shop.
Needle Exchange (Bronze) Craft 25 syringes.
Never Saw it Coming (Bronze) Kill an enemy with a takedown from above from a glider, zipline or parachute (Single Player only).
One of Us (Bronze) Complete the Rakyat initiation.
Poacher (Bronze) Hunt and skin a rare animal.
Poker Bully (Silver) Win $1500 playing poker.
Poker Night (Silver) Kill Hoyt.
Rebel With a Cause (Bronze) Liberate 3 outposts.
Retake Wallstreet (Bronze) Rescue Keith from Buck.
Return to Sender (Bronze) Complete "Sidetracked" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Road Trip (Bronze) Complete a Supply Drop quest.
Rock Always Wins (Bronze) Fully distract 25 enemies with rocks (Single Player only).
Rocking the Boat (Bronze) Complete "Overboard" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Say Hi to the Internet (Bronze) Find the lost Hollywood star.
Taken for Granted (Silver) Kill Vaas.
The Good Stuff (Bronze) Craft a special syringe.
Toxophilite (Bronze) Kill a target from 70m or more with the bow (Single Player only).
Unheard (Bronze) Liberate an outpost without triggering an alarm.
What a Trip (Gold) Attend the final ceremony.
Worst Date Ever (Bronze) Rescue Liza from the burning building.

Trophies: The Battle Hardened Pack DLC
Assassin's Creed III

  • PS3
  • trophy
A New Challenger Appears (Silver) Finish a multiplayer game session with each of the additional characters.
One for All (Silver) With any of the additional characters, perform 20 'Revive' actions.
Stubborn Stunner (Silver) Stun 3 pursuers without dying, playing with any of the additional characters.
Wolves for Lambs (Silver) Complete a Wolfpack multiplayer session on any of the additional maps.

Assassin's Creed III

  • PS3
  • trophy
A Complete Set (Silver) See all the optional characters settled at the Homestead.
Abstergo Entertainment (Silver) Reach level 20 in the multiplayer mode.
All Washed Up (Silver) Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila.
An Extraordinary Man (Bronze) Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.
Blowing in the Wind (Bronze) Retrieve every page for one of Ben Franklin's Almanacs.
Bring Down the House (Bronze) Explore Fort Wolcott.
By Invitation Only (Bronze) Be invited to join a Club.
Caged Wolf (Bronze) Complete Sequence 8.
Circus Act (Bronze) Kill 15 guards with a single cannon shot.
Completionist (Silver) Complete ALL progress tracker grid entries.
Coureur des Bois (Bronze) Exchange undamaged pelts at all different general stores.
Criss Cross (Bronze) Complete Present - Skyscraper.
Daddy Dearest (Bronze) Complete Present - Stadium.
Difficult End (Bronze) Complete Sequence 11.
Entrepreneur, not Pirate! (Bronze) Complete all 12 Privateer Contracts.
Eye Witness (Bronze) Witness a predator killing an enemy.
Fin (Silver) Complete each of the epilogue missions unlocked after the credits roll.
Grim Expectations (Bronze) Complete Sequence 10.
Head in the Cloud (Silver) Find all pivots and sync the Animus to the Cloud.
Heroes are Born (Bronze) Complete Sequence 4.
House Party (Bronze) Recruit any of the Artisans and see them settled on the Homestead.
How D'ya Like Them Apples (Bronze) Complete Sequence 3.
Hunter/Killer (Bronze) Reach sequence 10 in a map on Wolfpack multiplayer mode.
In Good Standing (Silver) Complete all challenges for any of the Clubs.
Jager Bomb (Bronze) After becoming fully Notorious, kill 10 Jagers before losing your notoriety.
Kidd Gloves (Bronze) Uncover the mystery of Oak Island.
Magna cum Laude (Bronze) Have a Trainee reach the Assassin Rank.
Man of the People (Silver) Liberate all districts in Boston OR New York.
Master Assassin (Platinum) Get every trophy.
Monopoly Man (Bronze) Send a convoy to Boston, New York and the Frontier.
Multitasking (Bronze) Complete 50% of the Progress Tracker entries.
Mystery Guest (Bronze) Complete Sequence 1 & 2.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (Silver) Open the Temple Door and learn Desmond's fate.
Original Gamer (Bronze) Win a game of Fanorona, Morris and Bowls on the Homestead.
Patent Not Pending (Bronze) Craft one of Franklin's inventions to decorate your Manor.
Perfectionist (Silver) Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.
Personalized (Bronze) Customize your multiplayer Profile and Character.
Predator (Bronze) Hang 5 enemies by using rope darts.
Prince of Thieves (Bronze) Loot a convoy without killing any of its guards.
Rude Awakening (Bronze) Re-Enter the Animus.
Spit Roast (Bronze) Perform a double assassination using a musket.
Tea is for Englishmen (Silver) Complete Sequence 6.
The Day the Templars Cried (Bronze) Complete Sequence 5.
The End is Nigh (Silver) Complete Present - Abstergo.
The Sum of Truth (Gold) Complete Sequence 12.
The Truth Will Out (Silver) Unlock a hacked version of one of the Abstergo videos in the story quest.
The Whites of Their Eyes (Silver) Complete Sequence 7.
Tumblehome (Bronze) Upgrade the Aquila.
Two if by Sea (Silver) Complete Sequence 9.
Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye! (Bronze) Block a firing line 5 times by using a human shield.
Winning Team (Bronze) Be on the winning team at the end of a multiplayer game session.

DLC Trophies
You Don't Know Jack

  • PS3
  • trophy
JACK Crack (Bronze) Play all episodes in JACK Pack 3
Past Perfect (Bronze) Get 3 history questions correct in JACK Pack 3
Sci Fly (Bronze) Get 3 science questions correct in JACK Pack 3
Steaming Stockpile (Silver) Collect all 10 prizes in JACK Pack 3
Wizard of Balls (Bronze) Get 3 sports questions correct in JACK Pack 3
Animal Husband (Bronze) Get 3 animal questions correct in JACK Pack 4
Cock of the Wok (Bronze) Get 3 food questions correct in JACK Pack 4
Hot Butter (Bronze) Get 3 movie questions correct in JACK Pack 4
JACK Sack (Bronze) Play all episodes in JACK Pack 4
Overprize Load (Silver) Collect all 10 prizes in JACK Pack 4
Boob Tuber (Bronze) Get 3 TV questions correct in JACK Pack
Incurable Hoarder (Silver) Collect all 10 prizes in JACK Pack
JACK Wrack (Bronze) Play all episodes in JACK Pack
Lit Twit (Bronze) Get 3 literature questions correct in JACK Pack
Map Dancer (Bronze) Get 3 geography questions correct in JACK Pack

Win One Match to Win Tournment
Virtua Tennis 3

  • PS3
  • code
Win tournment with only winning one match. Press Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle, Up, Circle, Down at the main menu