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Tales of the Abyss: Unlockables
Tales of the Abyss

  • PS2
  • hint


Game Record Available at the title screen after beating the game
Grade Shop Save a clear file after beating the game, and you will be able to start your new game+ file with the grade shop with your cleared file.
Sound Test Available at the title screen after beating the game
Unknown Mode Beat the game once
Very Hard Mode Beat the game once

Master code
Outlaw Golf 2

  • PS2
  • code
Start a new game and enter Golf_Gone_Wild as a case-sensitive name to unlock all characters, clubs, and stages. Note: Include the underscores in the name.

Pro Action Replay codes
Ninja Assault

  • PS2
  • code
Enable codes 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EE8EF5D6 BCA99C80 Monster score DE171E76 C19E7B82 No reload CE171E60 BCA99B8D Infinite health CE171E64 BCA99C83 Infinite credits CE16B646 BCA99B8C

Game Shark codes

  • PS2
  • code
Enable codes EC87A648143ACAF4 Braindead enemy A.I. 1C81884815F6E79D 1C81884C1456E7A5 1C8A3C7015F6E79D 1C8A3C741456E7A5