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Extra Difficulty Modes
DmC Devil May Cry

  • PC
  • Unlock
Dante Must Die! Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty
Heaven or Hell Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty
Hell and Hell Complete the game on Heaven or Hell difficulty
Son of Sparda Complete the game on Human, Devil Hunter, or Nephilim difficulty

Character Costumes and Perks
DmC Devil May Cry

  • PC
  • Unlock
Son of Sparda Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty
Standard Complete the game on Human, Devil Hunter, or Nephilim difficulty
Super Dante Complete the game on Dante Must Die! difficulty

Steam Achievements
Retro City Rampage

  • PC
  • Achievement / Trophy
8-bit Overflow Kill 256 civilians within a single life
8-Blow Blow up 8 vehicles in 8 seconds
A Winner Is You! Get gold medal scores in all sprees
Big Money! Match all cards in a single round of the casino game at the Spades To Steal Casino
Bike Bounce Knock someone off their bike to ricochet another off theirs
Broken Chain Reach a 99X chain multiplier
Daily Grind Find all hidden loot bags, payphones and invisible walls
Dance Player, Dance! Avoid the cops at maximum threat level for 1 minute on foot, without taking damage
Death Cam, No Death Beat Death Cam VHS without dying
Eco-friendly Fire Hit 4 people with a single shotgun blast
Feeling Groggy Get "sick" on "milk"
Killabunga! Kill four green sewer dwellers
Master of Your Domain Dethrone GLC's high score
Pixel Me Rollin' Drive 65,536 pixels
Rocky Road Tire Crunch Hit 25 pedestrians in a row with your car without stopping
Super Turbo Beat Down Beat Super Stomp Shenanigans in Turbo Mode
The Cosplayer Play Free Roaming Mode as one of the guest stars
Three Flings Knockdown three pedestrians with a single fling using the BioClaw
Tool Time Collect all time machine parts
You Broke The Law! Raise your threat level by committing a crime that attracts police attention

Unlock Additional Face Skins
Retro City Rampage

  • PC
  • Unlock
Anthony Carboni CARBONI
Destructoid Staff DTOID
Electric Playground TV Hosts ELECPLAY
Epic Meal Time EMT
Maxime's friends (RCR game artist) MAXIMEAMIS
PJ Fresh Phil from YTV PJFP
Unlocks Gaijin (Bit.Trip) Staff GAIJIN
Unlocks Mojang (Minecraft) Staff MOJANG
Unlocks Team Meat (Super Meat Boy) Staff TEAMMEAT

Game Cheats
Retro City Rampage

  • PC
  • Game Code
All Character Unlock (Unlocks all secret characters) Up, Up, Up, Left, Right, RB, B, RB, B, RB
All Weapons Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B
GAWD Mode (prevents death from damage) Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, Down, Down, RB, A
Gawd Mode Off Down Down Left Right Left Right Up Up R A
Lose the Cops Up Up Down Down R B R B A
Open All Stages Y Y A Y Y A Y Y A B B
Red "Sweat" Mode A B A Y A B B
Speed Shoes Right Right Up Down Left Left Up Down R A
Super Stomp Left Left Up Down Right Right Up Down R A

Unlockable Stewie Weapons
Family Guy Online

  • PC
  • Unlock
Heat Seeking Warheads Collect 700 Parts
Hyper Plasma Ball (1) Collect 300 Parts
Hyper Plasma Ball (2) Collect 400 Parts
Plasma Artillery (1) Collect 200 Parts
Plasma Artillery (2) Collect 300 Parts
Plasma Ball (1) Collect 100 Parts
Plasma Ball (2) Collect 200 Parts
Rocket Launcher (1) Collect 500 Parts
Rocket Launcher (2) Collect 700 Parts
Shock Wave (1) Collect 400 Parts
Shock Wave (2) Collect 500 Parts
Spread Shot (2) Collect 100 Parts

Unlock 1999 mode the easy way.
Bioshock Infinite

  • PC
  • Unlock

On the main menu press(menu with play now) : Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Esc, Enter

Steam Achievements
Spec Ops: The Line

  • PC
  • trophy
A Bridge Too Far The end of the line.
A Farewell To Arms You are relieved.
A Line, Crossed Choose vengeance.
A Line, Held Choose restraint.
A Man of Action Play it loose.
A Man of Patience Play it smart.
Adapt and Overcome Blow up 10 explosive objects, killing at least one enemy each time. (campaign only)
Aim High Kill 250 enemies with headshots. (campaign only)
Airspace Control Kill 10 enemies while they use zip lines or are rappelling. (campaign only)
All You Can Be Complete any chapter with 60%+ accuracy without dying or reloading a checkpoint.
Applied Force Hit 10 enemies with your melee attack. (campaign only)
Army of One Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade. (campaign only)
Battle Management Kill 50 enemies using only the Attack Command. (campaign only)
Blind Luck Kill 5 enemies using blind fire. (campaign only)
Boot Complete game on "Walk on the Beach" difficulty.
Close Combat Carnage Kill 4 enemies with a shotgun in 10 seconds or less. (campaign only)
Damn Close Kill an Edged Weapon Expert while he is up to 5 meters away. (campaign only)
Damned if You Do Follow your orders.
Damned if You Don't Buck the chain of command.
Deer Hunter Kill an oryx. (campaign only)
Desert Storm Engineer an exit strategy.
Friendly Fire Show mercy.
Good Training Sprint into cover 10 times while under fire. (campaign only)
In Your Face Kick an enemy by vaulting over a cover. (campaign only)
Intel Operative Recover all Intel Items.
Marksman - Grenade Kill 50 enemies with grenades. (campaign only)
Marksman - Heavy Arms Kill 150 enemies with any heavy weapon. (campaign only)
Marksman - Rifle Kill 350 enemies with any rifle. (campaign only)
Marksman - Shotgun Kill 75 enemies with any shotgun. (campaign only)
Marksman - Small Arms Kill 100 enemies with any pistol or SMG. (campaign only)
Marksman - Sniper Kill 50 enemies with any sniper rifle. (campaign only)
MFWIC Complete game on "FUBAR" difficulty.
Preventive Diplomacy Kill an enemy just as they are throwing a grenade. (campaign only)
Recon Recover 12 Intel Items.
Sierra Hotel Complete three chapters in a row without being killed or reloading a checkpoint.
Situational Awareness Stun an enemy by dumping sand on their head. (campaign only)
Spotter Recover one Intel Item.
The Devil's Disciple Complete game on "Suicide Mission" difficulty.
The Great Escape Get out of here!
The Horror Face the horrors of war.
The Human Factor Kill an enemy by tagging him with a sticky grenade. (campaign only)
The Lost Battalion We have contact.
The Road Back Live and let live.
The Road To Glory Live and let die.
They Live What's lost is found.
Three Kings Stand united.
Too Late The Hero Carry on, soldier.
Treacherous Ground Look out below.
Unfriendly Fire Save a bullet.
We Were Soldiers Complete game on "Combat Op" difficulty.

Steam Achievements

  • PC
  • trophy
Alive Without Breath You took possession of a fish
An Unfortunate Accident You killed Morgan Pendleton with steam
Art Dealer Collect all the Sokolov paintings
Back Home Grab a live grenade and use it to kill an attacker
Big Boy Kill a tallboy with only your sword
Bodyguard You protected Callista's uncle, Captain Geoff Curnow
Capturing Genius and Madness Complete the Bridge mission
Child Care Find Emily Kaldwin
Clean Hands Complete the game without killing anyone
Cleaner Fight with 5 enemies at once, without any of them surviving
Creepy Crawly You used a rat tunnel
Dishonored Complete the Intro missions
Dunwall in Chaos You completed the game in high chaos
Excommunication Eliminate High Overseer Campbell
Faceless After escaping Coldridge Prison, complete a single mission without alerting anyone
Food Chain You assassinated an assassin
Gentleman Caller You completed all the Granny Rags side missions
Ghost Complete all missions after the prologue, alerting no one or killing no one but key targets
Harm's Way Cause 5 unintentional suicides
Hornets' Nest Kill 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow
Inhabitant Stay in possession of others for most of a 3 minute period
Just Dark Enough You completed the game in low chaos
King of the World You reached the top of Kaldwin's Bridge
Lights Out You deactivated at least 5 security systems on Kingsparrow Island
Long Live the Empress You saved Empress Emily Kaldwin
Manipulator Make others kill 5 of their own allies
Merchant of Disorder Acquire 15 equipment upgrades
Mercy is the Mark You spared Daud’s life
Mostly Flesh and Steel Finish the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink
Occultist Collect 10 bone charms
Poetic Justice You neutralized all key targets using indirect means
Political Suicide Expose the Lord Regent's crimes and bring about his arrest
Razor Rain Kill 5 characters with Drop Assassination
Regicide Assassinate the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows
Resolution Complete the game
Rogue Assassinate 10 unaware enemies
Shadow Complete all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone
Specter After escaping prison, complete a mission without alerting anyone, and kill less than 5 people
Speed of Darkness Travel 30 meters in less than 1 second
Street Conspiracy You completed all the Slackjaw side missions
Surgical Play from the first mission through Kaldwin's Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters
Tempest Kill 6 enemies in less than 1 second
The Art of the Steal You got the Art Dealer's safe combination for Slackjaw, but robbed the safe first
The Escapist After Coldridge Prison, elude 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map
Thief Pickpocket items worth a total of 200 coins
This Is Mine Recover your belongings
Vanished You escaped prison and navigated the sewers undetected
Versatile Kill characters with each weapon and offensive gadget
Wall of Sparks Kill an enemy using a Wall of Light
Well Mannered You completed the Boyle Estate mission without spoiling the party

Episode #5: PC Achievements
The Walking Dead

  • PC
  • trophy
Into The Fire (10) Complete chapter 1 of episode 5.
Mercy (10) Complete chapter 4 of episode 5.
Stay Close To Me (15) Complete chapter 7 of episode 5.
The Marsh House (10) Complete chapter 5 of episode 5.
There Ain't No Way (10) Complete chapter 3 of episode 5.
Twice Shy (10) Complete chapter 2 of episode 5.
What Remains (25) Complete Episode 5: "No Time Left"
What's in the bag? (10) Complete chapter 6 of episode 5.