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Unlock the Metroid Stage
Dead or Alive Dimensions

  • 3DS
  • hint

Unlock the Metroid Stage:

Finish the arcade mode and the Metroid stage will unlock.

Unlock Character Menu Voices
Dead or Alive Dimensions

  • 3DS
  • hint

Unlock Character Menu Voices:

Character Menu VoicePlay and win one round of survival mode

Alternate Costume Details
Dead or Alive Dimensions

  • 3DS
  • code

Alternate Costume Details:

Kasumi Alpha: Braid L + X
Kasumi Alpha: High Ponytail R + X
Kasumi Alpha: Low Ponytail L + R + X
Kasumi: Braided hair L + X
Kasumi: High Ponytail R + X
Kasumi: Low Ponytail L + R + X
La Mariposa: No Mask L + X
Lei Fang: Side Braids L + X
Lei Fang: Short Ponytail R + X
Random Select: Shiden Costume 1 L + X
Random Select: Shiden Costume 2 R + X
Random Select: Shiden Costume 3 L + R + X

Unlockable Power-Ups
Mutant Mudds

  • 3DS
  • hint

Unlockable Power-Ups:

Extended Hover Collect 1200 Golden Diamonds
Power-shot Collect 800 Golden Diamonds
Vertical Boost Collect 1600 Golden Diamonds

Play as Grannie
Mutant Mudds

  • 3DS
  • hint

Play as Grannie:

Collect all 2000 Diamonds and 40 Water Sprites in the game. Once this task is complete, return to the Title Screen and press the L button to switch to Grannie.  Now start the game.

Super Mario 3D Land: Grey Tanooki Leaf
Super Mario 3D Land

  • 3DS
  • hint

Grey Tanooki Leaf:

While in the Special World you are able to grab Tanooki Leaves. These leaves appear as gray. You will know you have it when the bandanna around your neck turns either red or green. With Tanooki power you can turn into a statue when you put in the input for a ground pound.

Super Mario 3D Land: Play as Luigi
Super Mario 3D Land

  • 3DS
  • hint

Play as Luigi:

The first step is to beat the game. Then go to the Special World 1 and beat the castle. Luigi is unlocked at this point. Now anytime you touch the screen below the world map there will be an “L” in a circle. Tap that L and play as Luigi.

Pokemon: Rumble Blast: Legacy Mode
Pokemon: Rumble Blast

  • 3DS
  • code

Legacy Mode:

First step is to beat the game. At the main menu hold down L, R, and Left-Dpad and then press A. You should hear a ‘chime’ sounds. Legacy Mode turns all areas to how they were before you completed them in story mode. This will allow you to obtain low-level Pokémon despite your world rank.

Pokemon Rumble Blast: Unlocks
Pokemon: Rumble Blast

  • 3DS
  • hint

Unlocks (North America):

Articuno (4-1 Frozen Tundra) 2364-4610
Audino (2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank) 0176-1458
Daring Eelektross (3-2 Volcanic Slope) 2159-4650
Dialga (1-4 Challenger's Ground) 3402-6485
Fire Boost+ Emboar (1-3 Echo Valley) 5662-7748
Gallade (in 4-2 Everspring Valley) 3535-6928
Gliscor (in 4-3 Sunny Seashore) 9625-7845
Grass Boost Snivy (2-3 Soothing Shore) 0835-7338
Grass Boost+Serperior (1-1 Trailhead Field) 7111-4427
Groudon (3-3 Firebreathing Mountain) 0681-1611
Lugia (2-4 Shimmering Lake) 0442-4822
Moltres (4-3 Sunny Seashore) 8714-7361
Oshawott (in 2-4 Shimmering Lake) 7403-2240
Pikachu (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope) 7746-3878
Speedy Unfezant (2-2 Misty Edgewater) 4713-9936
Superstar Garchomp (3-1 Rugged Flats) 1959-4010
Tangling Stunfisk (2-3 Soothing Shore) 6482-3610
Tepig (in 2-2 Misty Edgewater) 2061-8332
Thundurus (3-3 Firebreathing Mountain) 8819-8699
Tornadus (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope) 0250-7321
Victini (2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank) 6699-8898
Water Boost+ Samurott (1-2 Seabreeze Trail) 2452-2129
Zapdos (4-2 Everspring Valley) 1675-4459
Zoroark (4-1 Frozen Tundra) 2153-6742

Unlocks (Europe):

Articuno (4-1 Frozen Tundra) 2704-0204
Chop-Chop Gallade (4-2 Everspring Valley) 4291-0125
Daring Eelektross (3-2 Volcanic Slope) 6491-6130
Dialga (1-4 Challenger's Ground) 3681-9208
Effective Gliscor (4-3 Sunny Seashore) 7182-4825
Electric Up Pikachu (3-2 Volcanic Slope) 7580-5216
Fire Boost Tepig (2-2 Misty Edgewater) 5487-0833
Fire Boost+ Emboar (1-3 Echo Valley) 6306-9222
Grass Boost Snivy (2-3 Soothing Shore) 4941-6440
Grass Boost+ Serperior (1-1 Trailhead Field) 8047-7639
Groudon (3-3 Firebreathing Mountain) 7132-9643
Lugia (2-4 Shimmering Lake) 3467-3843
Moltres (4-3 Sunny Seashore) 6284-2344
PokéTC Oshawott (2-4 Shimmering Lake) 8084-8937
PokéTC Zoroark (4-1 Frozen Tundra) 6150-1893
Rally Audino (2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank) 7462-8687
Speedy Unfezant (2-2 Misty Edgewater) 0632-6305
Superstar Garchomp (3-1 Rugged Flats) 1027-9741
Tangling Stunfisk (2-3 Soothing Shore) 4074-7455
Thunderus (3-3 Firebreathing Mountain) 1189-0516
Tornadus (3-2 Volcanic Slope) 9816-6460
Victini (2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank) 9082-7838
Water Boost+ Samurott (1-2 Seabreeze Trail) 3791-9675
Zapdos (4-2 Everspring Valley) 1566-6140

Unlocks (Japan):

Articuno (4-1 Frozen Tundra) 7322-0927
Audino *Mood Maker* (2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank) 1975-5256
Dialga (3-3 Firebreathing Mountain) 9752-8353
Eelektross *Reckless* (3-2 Volcanic Slope) 1562-5492
Emboar (1-3 Echo Valley) 8902-7345
Gallade *Dual Wield* (4-2 Everspring Valley) 9616-8485
Garchomp *SuperStar* (3-1 Rugged Flats) 6067-1831
Gliscor *Excellence* (4-3 Sunny Seashore) 7442-3671
Groudon (1-4 Challengers' Ground) 7415-3319
Heat Stamp Emboar (in 1-3 Echo Valley) 8902-7356
Lugia (2-4 Shimmering Lake) 6079-2900
Moltres (4-3 Sunny Seashore) 6301-6557
Oshawott *PokéSmash* (4-1 Frozen Tundra) 1432-2751
Pikachu *Electric Up* (3-2 Volcanic Slope) 6715-6555
Samurott *Water Boost +* (1-2 Seabreeze Trail) 9418-1517
Serperior *Grass Up +* (1-1 Trailhead Field) 3791-0580
Snivy *Grass Up* (2-3 Soothing Shore) 8590-9413
Stunfisk *Bound* (2-3 Soothing Shore) 4000-2108
Tepig *Fire Up* (2-2 Misty Edgewater) 1906-5834
Thundurus (3-3 Firebreathing Mountain) 2751-4887
Tornadus (3-2 Volcanic Slope) 5155-4087
Unfezant *High Speed* (2-2 Misty Edgewater) 3654-9185
Victini (2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank) 7267-3443
Zapdos (4-2 Everspring Valley) 3060-1785
Zoroark (4-1 Frozen Tundra) 0120-8652

Mario Kart 7: Unlocks
Mario Kart 7

  • 3DS
  • hint


Daisy 1st in Mushroom Cup 150cc
Honey Queen 1st in Banana Cup 150cc
Lakitu 1st in Lightning Cup 150cc
Metal Mario 1st in Special Cup 150cc
Mii Place in all cups in one CC level.
Rosalina 1st in Star Cup 150cc
Shy Guy 1st in Shell Cup 150cc
Wario 1st in Flower Cup 150cc
Wiggler 1st in Leaf Cup 150cc