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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Single Player Preview: Chicago is for hackers

It's been a long time coming, but I was finally able to get my hands on a fully playable build for Watch Dogs. After...

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Watch Dogs
Rise Of Incarnates Image

Rise of Incarnates preview: Pit the world’s mythological hybrids against each other in a 2v2 arena

At Bandai Namco’s Global Gamers Day 2014, I had I opportunity to witness the debut Rise of Incarnates presentation as...

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Soul Calibur Lost Swords

SoulCalibur Lost Swords Preview: Mixing familiar with mobile gaming

I’ve been following the SoulCalibur scene for years, and this is the first time I’ve seen the IP attached to...

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NeverDead Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 3.5 Poor

NeverDead Review

Sadly, Konami’s demon-killing game falls apart just as quickly as its hero.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 7.0 Good

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Square-Enix's new RPG looks to redeem the developer's good name following two disappointing outings for their legendary franchise. But is this apology letter to fans sincere?

The Blackwell Legacy Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 7.5 Good

The Blackwell Legacy Review

Clever writing, interesting characters, and a good plot make The Blackwell Legacy a good buy for adventure gamers

The Darkness II Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 8.5 Great

The Darkness II Review

Embrace the Darkness, devour hearts, and see images of your dead girlfriend... all in a day's work

Reviews Chronicle Image

Chronicle review

Chronicle takes the concepts set forth by Push, Jumper, and I Am Number Four, and actually makes a good movie out of it