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diablo 3 ultimate evil edition
Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Image
marvel heroes 2015

Marvel Heroes 2015 review: featuring Gambit... FINALLY

Gazillion Entertainment's Marvel Heroes 2015 is more of a re-introduction to the game to show how far it's come...

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H1Z1 Image

H1Z1 Preview: H to the 1Z1

When H1Z1 launches in early access, it won't be perfect. I hope anyone familiar with the early access release model will...

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Thomas Was Alone Boxart
Review Rating 9.0 Amazing

Thomas Was Alone review

We all have fears and obstacles we can't conquer by ourselves. We're fragile, vulnerable beings who sometimes need a...

Gungnir Boxart
Review Rating 7.0 Good

Gungnir review

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with strategy RPGs. I'm usually  easily hooked in the early stages of the...

Heroes of Ruin Boxart
Review Rating 7.0 Good

Heroes of Ruin review

While there is certainly no shortage of Action RPG's, akin to Diablo, available on handhelds (Dungeon Siege II and...


Razer Naga review

I've always considered myself a PC gamer. From my days in Ultima Online to World of Warcraft to Star Wars: The Old...

Deadlight Boxart
Review Rating 7.0 Good

Deadlight review

In the wake of games like Limbo and Shadow Complex, it seems like the form of 2D gaming is making a comeback, even though...

Resonance Boxart
Review Rating 7.5 Good

Resonance review

Being a part of the Nintendo generation, point-and-click adventure games are just one of those genres that I never really...

Reviews The Watch movie review Image

The Watch movie review

Initial trailers for The Watch, back when it was still The Neighborhood Watch, made it out to be yet another...

Reviews Iron Sky movie review Image

Iron Sky movie review

There certainly some absurd ideas right now for movies.  And we’re not talking about the lame brains that thought...

Wreckateer Boxart
Review Rating 8.5 Great

Wreckateer review

The popularity of Angry Birds can’t be overlooked, and it isn’t a matter of being built around complicated...