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Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion Review: Welcome to the future

If anyone would have told me five or so years ago, that gamers would obsess over a 2.5D stunt bike platformer that relies...

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wildstar warplot

WildStar: How to build a Warplot

During PAX East 2014, Jen Gordy, lead PvP designer on WildStar, led a behind-closed-doors tour of Warplots -- the main...

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

PAX East 2014: Below was the show's most charming game

Below may be the 45th indie roguelike to be announced in the last year or so, but after playing it, it’s the one...

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Branded movie review

Advertising is evil, the world is manipulating you, and corporate greed is a parasitic beast. Movies have dealt with these...

Mark of the Ninja Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 9.0 Amazing

Mark of the Ninja review

Oh, Klei Entertainment, you sneaky devils. First you get our blood rising with not one but two macho Contra-style action...

Mutant Mudds Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 9.0 Amazing

Mutant Mudds review (PC)

Mutant Mudds is a game I wish I would have played as a kid on my NES. The sheer style of this title from developer Renegade...

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Lawless movie review

Something about Lawless ain't quite right. This prohibition-era drama is caught somewhere between the Western...

Rock Band Blitz Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 8.5 Great

Rock Band Blitz review

While the yearly installments of Rock Band and Guitar Hero have all but died out, the music genre still thrives. It's...

Deep Black Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 2.5 Terrible

Deep Black PSN review

A little while back, the oft-delayed Deep Black: Episode One finally found its way to Xbox Live Arcade, and though it had...

MADDEN NFL 13 Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 7.0 Good

Madden 13 Vita review

Madden NFL Football’s debut on the Playstation Vita is a mixture of positives and negatives. If you recall from my...

Nintendo 3DS XL Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 9.0 Amazing

Nintendo 3DS XL review

We all saw it coming. The original 3DS hadn't even been on the market for more than a few months when gamers everywhere...

New Super Mario Bros 2 Boxart
Gamezone Review Rating 8.0 Great

New Super Mario Bros. 2 review

Nintendo is at again. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is yet another revival of the classic 2D Mario style. The game delivers great...